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New Brand Alert: John W. Shoes Joins Retraced!

New Brand Alert: John W. Shoes Joins Retraced!

Retraced is excited to announce a new partnership with John W. Shoes (also known as “Jonny’s”)  a storied and traditional handmade leather shoe company from Büren, Germany.

Proud of its heritage of classically crafted shoes, John W. Shoes is said to have been founded by shoemaker Johann Wagener back in 1608. (according to their website.) The brand aims to provide consumers with shoes made of the best quality, and with some of the highest ecological production standards around. Their artisans make each shoe by hand using vegetable tanned leather – a process that uses natural ingredients to treat leather and is known to be more environment-friendly.

The classic shoe brand takes a transparent step towards the sustainable, digital future!

With the retraced solution,  John W. Shoes will have a platform where they can transparently and reliably (thanks to blockchain technology) showcase their eco-friendly manufacturing.  Customers will be able to learn more about their favorite shoes and feel better connected to the values that they care about.

Retraced will utilize its Transparency-as-a-Service to track and trace approximately 20,000 products for the John W. Shoes’ upcoming 2020 Summer Season.

John W. Shoes Website: