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Supply Chain meets Blockchain – Sustainable Footwear gets Tech Savvy

Supply Chain meets Blockchain – Sustainable Footwear gets Tech Savvy

(See full post from Oracle Blockchain Blog here)

Another STEP  in the right direction:  The retraced team is excited to be working with CANO – the sustainable footwear company founded in 2016 by our co-founders, Lukas Pünder  and Philipp Mayer. Utilizing Oracle’s Blockchain Platform, retraced will enable the brand and the end-consumers to track and trace their handmade Mexican huaraches.

In addition, the interactive retraced platform and mobile app will allow consumers to preview relevant insights about the CANO Supply Chain. This includes:

  • More information about who CANOs suppliers and where they are located
  • Deeper insights on the ethical sourcing and production methods
  • Interesting facts about CANOs Artisans and their unique craftsmanship
  • and many more

CANO has always been committed to the goal of connecting the consumers and the makers of fashion. This new partnership with retraced gives CANOs consumers a new touchpoint that focuses on the information and ethical values that they care about.

For retraced, working with CANO helps us take one more giant, sustainable (and stylish!)  step forward in our quest for supply chain transparency in the fashion industry.