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RETRACED IN THE NEWS: “In Blockchain They Trust” –

RETRACED IN THE NEWS: “In Blockchain They Trust” –

See full article written by Pulitzer-nominated journalist Russ Banham from CFO here:

Blockchain Helps Businesses Build Trust recently wrote an article about blockchain’s ability to provide transparency and create credibility with customers. The online publication – geared towards global financial executives – featured a selected group of companies that were disrupting their respective industries by using blockchain technology. Among those featured was CANO and retraced!

 “By leveraging transparency as a core value, a company can achieve desirable brand differentiation,”  – Lukas Pünder, Co-Founder

The in-depth piece concedes that blockchain applications still have a while to go before they are universally adopted. However, many companies are now starting to push forward with plans to find innovative solutions for their industries – solutions that provide insightful and relevant transparency for their partners, clients, and consumers.

See more information about retraced’s value proposition for businesses here.