Munich Conference 1E9

Retraced Team in Munich Discussing Humanity & Tech

By Tai Ford, Nov 4 2019

Catch up with the retraced team in Munich! Co-Founders Lukas Puender and Philipp G. Mayer are excited to be participating in this year’s 1E9's "The_Conference" in Munich on Thursday, July 11th.

The conference brings together more than 1000 different tech-savvy attendees, thought-leaders, innovators, and solutionists and asks the key question:

“How can we empower humanity through technology?" - Conference details here

The retraced team will be featured as part of a panel workshop hosted by Oracle's Global Startup Ecosystem, entitled “Out of the cloud: making AR, AI, and blockchain work for us" 

The panel will showcase how startups use innovation and business acumen, via Oracle Solutions, to try and “make the world a better place”. The retraced team will also be hosting a demo session on their #blockchain solution.  

Looking forward to a great conference!

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