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The Global Fashion Industry is cloaked in mistrust and uncertainty

Little is known about how our favorite clothing items are made, under what labor conditions, which raw materials are used, and how the process is affecting our planet.

End-consumers across the globe are starting to demand reliable, verifiable supply chain information in order to make educated choices about their consumption.

Transparency as a Service

We are a blockchain-powered transparency platform that allows brands to unlock relevant supply chain information and share their verified sustainability and ethical efforts with consumers.

Consumer Trust Through Supply Chain Transparency

We help fashion brands to build consumer trust by offering an innovative solution to reliably collect, trace, analyze and communicate insightful supply chain data.

Our Mission

Connecting People to Products and Products to People:
We are a team that’s crazy about transparency, and inspired to connect a community of stakeholders who seek to make the world a more transparent and honest place.

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Making Headlines


“Retraced, is using the (blockchain) tech to provide greater clarity surrounding the CANO shoe brand… from the materials involved, to the people constructing the shoes.”


“By leveraging transparency as a core value, a company can achieve desirable brand differentiation”


“Retraced’s decentralized data collection model can not only further differentiate already ethical brands, but it also gives consumers another way to guide their purchasing decisions”

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