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The Problem
The Global Fashion Production Industry is cloaked in uncertainty
Little is known about how our favorite clothing items are made, under what labor conditions, which raw materials are used, and how the process is affecting our planet.
End-consumers across the globe are starting to demand reliable, verifiable supply chain information in order to make educated choices about their consumption.
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What Do We Do?

Track Supply Chain Data

We collect supply chain data down to the origin of the product’s raw materials, details about the relevant suppliers, and insight into the working conditions present.

Analyze Supply Chain Data

We monitor and analyze the collected supply chain information to achieve deep transparency and verification of the production standards with regards to sustainability and fairness.

Communicate Impact

We connect consumers with the product and its’ supply chain insights via our retraced app and offer a platform to learn more about the societal and environmental impact

Build Community

We help foster and champion a community of conscious shoppers who are interested in discovering more fashion products and brands that share their values and concerns.
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