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The Problem
The Global Fashion Production Industry is cloaked in uncertainty
Little is known about how our favorite clothing items are made, under what labor conditions, which raw materials are used, and how the process is affecting our planet.

End-consumers across the globe are starting to demand reliable, verifiable supply chain information in order to make educated choices about their consumption.

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What do we track?

Social Impact

We will trace criteria that evaluate the social impact of the brand's supply chain, such as the level of wages, the amount of holidays or if the workers hold official health insurance.

Societal Impact

To evaluate the brand's societal impact we calculate employee turnovers, count the length of supplier partnerships and track, whether employees have legally binding employments with all their rights.

Environmental Impact

The environmental impact will be measured by looking at the kilometers traveled of each item, its CO2- footprint, as well as its water consumption.

Animal Well-being

To assess the animal well-being, we will incorporate certificates for organic farming and against animal torture.

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