Sustainable gifting for 2020 holiday season

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Our Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide 2020

It's that time of year again, the one when you're expected to think of a few personalized gifts for the people in your life. Whether you buy something, make something, or simply carve out some time to spend with someone, it takes a little time and effort to think of what to give your friends and family. We here at retraced know how you feel and we want to help!

Our team has put together a list of conscious gifts to give or get this season. The retraced eco gift guide has something for everyone on your list, at any price point, and can all be ordered online or purchased in select stores, depending on your preferred shopping style.

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Something Everyone Can Use:

Reusable bags are a great green gift for anyone on your list and come in a range of colors and patterns.

image by Baggu

“It may seem obvious, but a reusable bag cuts down on so much unnecessary waste, so why not buy a couple cute ones like these from Baggu. I have a few and always remember to bring them into the store with me because I like them so much! And now with many states and cities banning plastic bag use, a personalized reusable bag is definitely worth the investment. There are so many different colors and patterns - one for everyone on your list!”

Alex, Graduate Intern in Marketing & Strategic Development

Marie Condo Your Home:

Storage containers come in many sizes and make it easy to organize your space and bulk items.

image by Oxo

“Clear Food Containers are a great way to stop using one time plastic bags due to grocery shopping, and start bulk shopping pantry items.”

Anaid, UI Designer

Give A Bug A Home That Isn't Your Home This Holiday Season:

Bug hotels are great, unique gifts and you can DIY or buy them, making them great green gifts for any budget.

image by Saga Magazine

"An insect hotel is a gift everybody can use - garden, balcony or just a ledge. It looks nice, is not expensive and helps protecting biodiversity. I like it a lot because you can actually see how you are helping to save nature.“

Anna T, Graduate Intern in Marketing & Product Development

An Easy Way To Minimize Waste and Save Money:

Bamboo makeup remover pads save your money and reduce unnecessary cotton waste.

image by Snow Fox

“I have used reusable cotton makeup removal pads for a while now and I love how it saves me money and reduces so much waste. Because normally these rounds are made of cotton (dirty business!) it's a great alternative.”

Jessica, Content Creator

The Solution To Those One-Use Baby Wipes:

Reusable cotton baby wipes can come in handy in many scenarios, making them a great gift for a parent on the go or a bathroom staple.

image by Cheeky Wipes

“It’s crazy how many one time tissues I am using every day and I would love to be able to do something about it (with the perks of style and nice smell!). These are the answer!”

Nef, Full Stack Developer

The Running Shoe You’ll Actually Want to Wear:

Athletic apparel and shoes are now made more sustainably, making it easier to align your workout routine with the eco-lifestyle.

image by Veja

“I love running and I do it a lot. I'm a minimalist so I don't shop a lot but the things that I still buy are super planned and well thought out. So now it's time to renew my running shoes (like every 2 years). Veja seems to be a very cool sustainable brand with grounded values so I would like to give them a try.”

Paula, Brand Manager

Stay Cozy with this Classic Alpaca Scarf:

An alpaca scarf is a classic winter staple you will have for years to come.

image by Salqapacha

“Everyone loves a warm scarf for winter and there's nothing more cozy than the ones made out of alpaca wool. Salqapacha has a great collection of sustainably sourced alpaca scarf from small local weavers in Peru.”

Philipp, CPO, COO & Co-Founder

Smell Good This Holiday Season:

Storage containers come in many sizes and make it easy to organize your space and bulk items.

image by Myro

Myro is a cool brand with a great purpose - reducing waste. Their deodorants are refillable and come in a variety of scents and tube colors making them easy to customize”

Tai, CMO

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