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retraced business app three views in iPhones with orders, order lines and tagging view

Instant Connectivity For Any Supply Chain Participant

The business app is designed to enable any business on this globe to quickly participate in a supply chain network. Built with the latest technologies it is supporting over 99% of mobile devices in this world.

retraced business app showing the order line tagging options

Seamless Tagging

The business app allows simple tagging of products with NFC chips or QR codes. There is a vast variety of options for tagging depending on the business process. In any process though, the business app will help to link the created QR codes or NFC chips to specific products. Once products are linked, the end consumer app can be used to scan any kind of those tags and retrieve the product information.

NFC Linking on Android and iOS

The business app is a one of a kind application supporting NFC reading and writing on both Android and iOS. The app is built with the latest technology and kept up to date to ensure stability and robustness. The NFC writing capability is going back to iPhones 7 and upwards and is supported on Android devices back to 2013.

Cover 99.42% of devices

Our app is built with the latest technologies and is supporting Android and iOS covering 99.42% of the global market share (July 2020). Keeping multi-operating system apps updated and track of developments is time consuming and requires expertise specific to those operating systems. Let us handle the complexity for you and you profit from the easy to use experience for your whole supply chain network.

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