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Create a Competitive Advantage
with Trust and Transparency

Retraced offers Transparency as a Service, allowing for fashion brands
to gain strategic supply chain insights while sharing their story with consumers

Track & Trace

retraced enables brands to create traceable digital tags for each product. This provides real-time tracking and feedback to increase supply chain visibility
The increased clarity of the production process helps management mitigate against supply chain disruption and aids with contingency planning
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Insights and Impact Analysis

Reliable supply chain transparency means that brands can verify information on the materials used in producing their products, the working conditions involved, as well as the implications for the environment.
These automated, key insights to help brands monitor and maintain the sustainability and fairness values that they care about.

Communication Platform

With the help of the mobile app, end-consumers can scan their product of interest to get information on the product’s origin, it’s raw materials, as well as sustainability and fairness KPIs
This innovative touch-point allows brands to connect their products and production standards to their customers, before and after purchase.
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Retraced uses Hyperledger Fabric, a permission-based blockchain platform, to collect and upload data from all pre-mapped & verified participants of the supply chain.


1. Communication


Retraced streamlines communication channels within the supply chain, improves communication and understanding between the participants and offers the brand a real time overview how far the different purchase orders are processed.
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Retraced offers a great tool for quality management, as faulty products can be traced back to where the problem has occurred. With this, the right companies and employees can be held responsible. This serves as the basis to continuously improve the supply chain quality by addressing the right people with trainings and workshops.
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Retraced creates a new customer touch point after the actual purchase. This new communication channel helps to keep in touch with the customer and to provide him or her with more product and supply chain insights.
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Through this new communication channel, end-consumers get a deeper understanding of the product and a more emotional connection to it, as they will be able to see the companies, and partly even the people behind the product.
5. Trust Icon


The end-consumer gets the proof that the brand’s claims of certain manufacturing standards are true or that the product is in line with their own sustainability and fairness standards.
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Retraced increases the consumer trust in the brand and, thereby, greater customer loyalty and customer retention resulting in direct financial benefits for the brand.
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Retraced offers the opportunity to rebrand a company from a mere fashion brand, to a modern, digitalized and fair fashion brand with strong differentiation potential by helping brands to offer a unique shopping experience for their customers.
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The front-end application, as a platform, offers brands to showcase their products and work ethics to the retraced user community.

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