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The End Consumer Experience
End consumer focused shopping experience with your product journey. Supported on 99% of mobile devices, latest technology for easy read of any tag type.

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retraced end consumer app journey of a product after scanning

Having the Product Story at your Fingertips

The consumer app provides a next level shopping experience for consumers of fair and sustainable fashion. The app is built using trailblazing recent technologies and supports over 99% of worldwide mobile devices. No need to worry about user devices not supporting the tags on products at all. And our app helps to understand the product journey in a simple and digestible way. With any depth of knowledge a consumer can possibly want.

retraced consumer app showing the badges received on a scanned product

In-Depth Product Analysis

Our automatic calculated badges based on the supply chain and the certifications are shown in the usual simple to digest manner. Visually pleasant and easy to understand it provides a one glance overview over the product environmental and social impact. Retraced provides a comprehensive overview of the supply chain enabling your team to stay up-to-date with real-time updates on order statuses and supplier certification proofs.

NFC and QR support

Our app provides a cutting edge NFC and QR support both for Android and iOS. Every NFC tag or QR Code you attach to the products can be read with the app. And the best part of it: We guide the user on how to scan either one of those on your product! Never worry about complex explanations how to interact with your products and simply guide them towards the app.

Cover 99.42% of Devices

Our app is build with the latest technologies and is supporting Android and iOS covering 99.42% of the global market share (July 2020). Keeping multi-operating system apps updated and track of developments is time consuming and requires expertise specific to those operating systems. Let us handle the complexity for you and you profit from the easy to use end consumer experience when shopping in brick and mortar stores and interacting with your products.

retraced ecommerce transparency widget and plugin

Any Proof on Demand

To cover any consumer demand, we provide the high level overview, down to the deep nested details of every badge and certificate. In the app, we show every proof and reason why a badge was provided and also all the transactional proofs attached.

retraced ecommerce transparency widget and plugin

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