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Retraced x Oracle JSON - The tech magic that happens backstage

Our CTO, Peter Merkert, was recently featured in a research note on the Oracle Autonomous JSON Database, with retraced as a customer use-case. The case study, a research piece, conducted by Richard Winter for Winter Corporations showcased the value of and promise that can come from the latest in database innovation.

Our platform exists thanks to the new developments in technologies based on databases. It's the backbone to retraced. All the important information we need to make supply chains (more) transparent is stored on Oracle's secure and robust infrastructure. This includes. for example, the information that a company provides about its product orders. This also includes the proof documents used to back up their social and environmental sustainability claims.

With a scalable and secure framework setup, retraced can now start to focus on the core proposition: making transparency actionable and reliable for fashion brands. Out solution can then take the stored data and present it in a comprehensible and appealing way for our users. What is rather a complex process in the backend, is made simple, easy-to-use, and easy-to-understand on the frontend. That's the magic with tech!

Our Dev team, lead by Peter, is responsible for making this magic happen backstage. But it couldn't have been done with the support of strategic partners from the very beginning. One of those partners is Oracle, the cloud technology company that provides organizations around the world with computing infrastructure and software to help them innovate. They created the world's first - and only - autonomous database to help organize and secure customer data. Since retraced started working with Oracle's Database and Blockchain platform, in early 2019, we've felt empowered to find new ways to promote better production practices in the fashion world. Still, lots of more work to be done, but with innovative tech at our side, we are excited for the journey ahead.

Check out the research note below:
research paper which features retraced on the oracle JSON database

Oracle JSON Database - research note

Quick note: Though one might expect technical jargon, the research note is understandable even for non-techies. ;)

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