model wearing ARMEDANGELS LAALE organic cotton t-shirt

ARMEDANGELS LAALE organic cotton t-shirt



We are proud to announce our latest partnership with ARMEDANGELS - the sustainable fashion company from Cologne, Germany! ARMEDANGELS is a fair-fashion market innovator and specializes in providing timeless, contemporary apparel & accessories. As a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, and holders of Fairtrade, PETA and GOTS certificates, the brand prides itself on using sustainable materials and supporting ethical manufacturing practices. ARMEDANGELS is committed to consistently challenging the status quo - encouraging its peers to act and build a fashion industry that's more honest, fair, and eco-conscious

armedangels employees talking with each other

ARMEDANGELS employees, wearing the LAALE t-shirt

“We are at the crossroads of a sustainable paradox. Everybody is talking about sustainability & transparency, but nobody really follows a clear path. We at ARMEDANGELS have Nothing to Hide! since 2007 and we believe that transparency is here to stay. Our aim is to become even more transparent to our customers and to give them even more insight into our supply chains and the numerous activities we undertake – from our own ARMEDANGELS Organic Cotton Cooperative in India to the knitters and sewers in Portugal. Cooperating with retraced and not only showing off transparency, but also real-time traceability of single products will be a gamechanger.” - Lavinia Muth, Corporate Responsibility Manager @ ARMEDANGELS

ARMEDANGELS x retraced

Joining forces to promote more transparent supply chains was a no-brainer. The new pilot project to trace, map, and communicate the supply chain journey of a a fan-favorite, the LAALE organic cotton t-shirt, through its supply chain and all the way down to the smallholder farming cooperative in the state of Gujarat, India. The project will provide everyone with a clear view into the t-shirt's supply chain journey, highlight the materials used, the partners involved, and the overall impact.

Stay Tuned! 🚀

Organic Cotton thread alt: spindles of organic cotton thread

Organic Cotton thread alt: spindles of organic cotton thread

LAALE t-shirt Manufacturing site alt: LAALE t-shirt Manufacturing site

LAALE t-shirt Manufacturing site alt: LAALE t-shirt Manufacturing site

(All photos courtesy of ARMEDANGELS)

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