Supply chain map showing the supplier partners for Jyoti

Supply chain map showing the supplier partners for Jyoti


BIG NEWS: Jyoti Launches SS20 with Retraced

Transparency in Action. With a Purpose. 💚

Jyoti - Fair Works recently launched their Spring-Summer 2020 line - completely integrated with the the retraced solution! It's an amazing feat for supply chain transparency, and the retraced team is beyond proud and humbled to be working with partner like Jyoti. Check out their blog article about retraced below:
(In English)
(In German)

Check out an announcement note from their Instagram Page:

BIG NEWS! As you surely know, transparency is one of the main objectives at Jyoti. Where do our garments come from, how, when, where and most importantly by whom have they been produced We at Jyoti dedicate big parts of our work to make sure that we know all people involved in our production, to establish and maintain relationships on eye level, characterized by mutual trust and understanding.

In order to make this even more accessible and transparent to you we are more than happy to announce that we have been working on a partnership with @retraced_official for the past year and now are finally ready to implement their approach in our value chain. Based on blockchain-technology @retraced_official is collecting information about the making of a garment along every single step of its production and illustrates them very clearly in their app.

From now on you will find a little QR-Code on all our products. Through scanning them you can easily follow the journey of your favorite Jyoti-piece making it even more clear which artisans and producers have been involved in their making.

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