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Our guide through the ecolabel jungle

In our last blogpost we introduced you to seven companies that are role models for sustainability, partly because they work with certifications. Certifications, labels and memberships in sustainability initiatives have been flooding the market for some time. In Europe alone there are more than 400 ecolabels. The quantity makes it difficult to keep track, especially which criteria must be met for which label. Justifiably, many ask: Do these labels and certifications really help to create sustainability or do they make the fashion industry even more obscure?

We want to start to create a clear view through this eco-label jungle and explain a few of the most common certifications in this guide.

Labels focusing on fair work conditions
Labels focussing on planet friendly production
Labels with a holistic approach

What do you think about Ecolabels - do they give us the necessary information to make a conscious purchasing decision or do they make the fashion world even more incomprehensible? Discuss with us on our Instagram!

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