Jyoti seamstress sewing with a piece of cloth

Photo by Jyoti - Fair Works (Janosch Kunze)


Retraced in Forbes! A Project with Jyoti & Oracle

As seen in Forbes: Jyoti - Fair Works uses retraced’s blockchain application, powered by the Oracle Cloud, to give customers a view into its humanitarian supply chain.

Forbes recently published an article featuring retraced and our partners Jyoti - Fair Works. The in-depth piece explores Jyoti's story, their vision to continue empowering the work of their artisans in India, and how they work with our solution to increase the visibility of their value chain. With the help of Oracle's blockchain technology and Autonomous Cloud services. Jyoti and retraced hope to push the industry towards meaningful change.

The more people know about our value chain—how many women sewed their dresses, how many hours of work were involved—the more they seem to care about their clothes and trust in our brand—and, hopefully, the more they start to ask questions about the textile industry and refuse to accept its hidden exploitative practices.
Carolin Hofer from Jyoti

Check out the full article here

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