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DAWN Denim
Jyoti FairWorks
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Funktion Schnitt,
CANO Mexico


Boyish founder and creative director Jordan Nodarse


Sustainable women's denim brand with a commitment to leaving as little impact on the earth as possible.

Jordan Nodarse, Founder / Creative Director

“Incorporating retraced's technology into our website will provide those key details and will arm our customers with even more information about the purchase decision they have made.”


Fair fashion brand that produces their clothes in highest scored Fair Wear Factory in the world.
Marian von Rappard, Owner

“We team up with retraced for 2 most important reasons:

  1. No hustle to onboard suppliers: Retraced has an incredible platform, on which we can directly engage our suppliers to share their information, and easily trace all the purchase orders from different tiers.
  2. Great visual communication with our consumers: On each and every style, the consumers can discover the supply chain and all the people involved in the process of making the product they like. They’re able to make the informed decision on their purchase.

We believe transparency is the first step to transform the industry. We must join forces with suppliers and consumers to achieve more – and retraced is the right tool to bridge the two forces.”

DAWN DENIM employee Marian standing with hands in pockets and white t-shirt looking to the right
ARMEDANGLES employee Lavinia Muth standing with crossed arms in front of a mirror in a fashion store


Fair-fashion market innovator specializes in contemporary apparel & accessories
Lavinia Muth, Corporate Responsibility Manager

“We are at the cross road of a sustainable paradox. Everybody is talking about sustainability & transparency, but nobody really follows a clear path. We at ARMEDANGELS have Nothing to Hide! since 2007 and we believe that transparency is here to stay. Our aim is to become even more transparent to our customers and to give them even more insight into our supply chains and the numerous activities we undertake – from our own ARMEDANGELS Organic Cotton Cooperative in India to the knitters and sewers in Portugal. Cooperating with retraced and not only showing off transparency, but also real-time traceability of single products will be a gamechanger.”

CircleStances – Fair. Fashion.

Casual clothing with eyecatcher prints – made with respect for workers and nature in beautiful turkey
Kristen Hedwig-Rondot, Cofounder/ Design & Marketing

“Transparency is the key to a sustainable and fair fashion economy. By putting all our cards on the table, we want to value the work and the natural resources that were put into our products. And give our customers the chance to build up a real relationship with their clothes. Together with retraced we hope that we can set new standards and a good example of how sustainable, respectful and transparent fashion can be.”

Kirsten Hedwig-Rondot smiling
Jyoti - Fair Works Co-CEO Caro talking to the empowered Indian seamstresses that craft the clothing and accessories for Jyoti

Jyoti - Fair Works

Artisanal crafted clothing & accessories made by empowered seamstresses from India

“Value chain transparency has always been one of Jyoti - Fair Work’s main principles as we believe it is the basis for a fair, sustainable and honest economy. With retraced our individual efforts in this direction become part of a bigger movement which has the potential to set new standards and maybe one day force even bigger players to take responsibility for their value chains and the people involved.”

CANO Clothing Company

Ethically-made, handcrafted huaraches, boots & jewelry from Mexico

“Our goal with CANO has always been to connect our great products, the skilled people that make them, and our amazing customers in a cool and interesting way. With retraced we wanted to create a new touchpoint for our customers; one that focuses on the information and values that they care about.”

Brown Cano leather shoes ethically crafted in Mexico with build in NFC-chip to view supply chain in retraced app
Male LESPIRANT employee Laurent standing with naked top in mexico style suburban street just taking on white shirt


Innovatively-designed undershirt apparel company
Laurent Tran, Founder

“In a world where sustainability and fair trade are after-thoughts, we at LESPIRANT do not want to build our brand on the back of cheap and exploited labor in unsafe working conditions. We trust consumers will value a product ethically made in a supply chain where no one got screwed or exploited. Maintaining fair-trade and sustainable business practices is an on-going journey, and we partnered with retraced to help make that journey more transparent.”

Seeing is believing.
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