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Webshop integrations

Shopify Integration

Shopify is a webshop as a service provider. It is very easy to connect shopify to our platform, since both us and Shopify have a simple API to connect to.

Connect to Shopify

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is widespread shop extension for Wordpress. If you have Wordpress for your shop, it is likely that you will use WooCommerce to sell products.

Connect to WooCommerce

Other Shop

Our developer team has an extensive experience developing online stores. Just get in touch and we will help you to connect also your store!

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Through our system you can attach a unique hang tag to each product to also be able to reach to offline customers. The tag can have different shapes and forms, whereas the most common form is a QR code. The code is printed on paper, or even sewed directly into the fabric. Every smartphone can be used to scan that code and it will immediately show the product journey. While every smartphone camera can be used out of the box, we recommend our consumer app for the best experience.

QR Code

The QR code tag is the most wildly used form for tags, as they are universally recognized and understood by end consumers, especially in younger generations.

QR Code Tagging Procedure

NFC Chip

NFC chips have some unique capabilities why you should consider them. In addition, NFC chips give an impression of elegance and perfection.

NFC Chip Tagging Procedure

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