Shopify Integration Guide

The following must be done so you can actually see something in your Shopify store.
  • You have one product P
  • You have one order of that product P
  • Product P has at least one variation with an SKU filled out
  • You have refreshed the badges of product P, so you have at least the supply chain transparency badge
  1. Send us your Shopify store URL. It is something like
  2. We will send you a unique installation link shortly afterward, which you just paste in your browser. In order to install the app, you must have accept the following access requests of our application.
    Shopify app installation instruction company API key
  3. In the app page, which will appear just after installation, you will be guided through a few steps:
    1. Fill out and save the company API key. You find the API key in your retraced dashboard settings page.
      Shopify app installation instruction company API key
    2. Then place the widget snippet as described wherever you wish to display it.
      Code snippet box in Shopify App installation instructions
    3. You must enable the app next.
      Enable Shopify App in the app installation instructions
    4. Lastly, you can verify if the installation worked in the app itself.
Verify Success

Go to your store page of product P. You will see the widget where you have injected the snippet.

Widget Placement Guide

Our widget is best placed in first sight for the consumer. Our reason is simple: Consumer engage with it a lot. And we have proven it over several shops and several locations. Further, we conducted an A/B test to determine the engagement rate and the impact on buying behaviour. Let us show you the common locations for the widget.

See the Best Widget Positions

Example Shopify Store

To quickly see an example how it could look like, we have an example store prepared. Follow the link below to get to our Shopify example store.

See a Shopify Example
retraced Shopify store example integration with widgets on Huarache product

Frequently Asked Questions

What access permissions does the app require?

How long does the integration take

Can I have a preview in my shop?

Request Help

We are always available for you and can help out. Reach out to us and we are in touch soon.

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