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Latest Application Updates

You find the latest application updates in this page. This is an ever expanding page with all neat bits and bops which have been added to our solution. Usually, feature requests start from you. Afterwards they are sorted by demand and put onto our roadmap. If you have an account in our solution, you will get informed automatically. If you have no account yet, create one now!

multiple materials selectable on a product in the retraced backoffice with their percentage quantity

31st August 2020

You can select materials on product level! This is the beginning of a new era of feature set for materials. You have the option to select the exact percentage of the material and any arbitrary amount of materials you want to add.
To get started, we have populated a list with materials you can select from. This list comprises all global recognized raw materials.

On the picture depicting the feature you can see the option to select the material from the list and add a percentage to it. Everything is optional, but obviously will provide long term tremendous help to improve your supply chains as you will start to cross check that you have covered all raw materials in the ampped supply chain.

Market place company type on sign up

27th August 2020

We have the company type of market place to enable companies offering products of multiple brands through one platform the option to show the product story, in case the brand has retraced products.
If you were to offer products which are from brands which have the products retraced through our platform, then you can show the product story, despite that you are not owning those products. This is a special relationship between you as the market place owner and the brand itself. If the brand agrees, you can show their produt story on your own page.

Sign up as market place!
Market place company type on sign up
Blockchain explorere transaction overview with synced transactions and the transaction hashes

24th August 2020

We have integrated a blockexplorer to investigate all history of assets and see all blockchain transactions. It is a rather technical feature, but it actually has tremendous benefits for your business: You get the temper proof audit log out of the box. You can directly jump from your products or companies into the blockexplorer and explore the earlier and future transactions which influences this asset. This means, you can inspect all changes at any point in time.
Since we use Hyperledger Fabric underneath, the true access to the blockchain is on a permissioned level. Thus, the access to the blockchain is controlled since there is sensitive data stored like all brand supply chains. We still allow the inspection of the fact that there is a supply chain and when it got updated for external parties, but no specific details, as they are only allowed for permissioned aprties, like the brand itself.
Since a blockchain evolves dramatically the more parties are actually cross checking data written to it, we encourage participation. If you are interested to participate in our organizational structure, please reach out to us.
For those who know the usual cryptocurrency blockexplorer already, this is exactly the same, just on a permissioned level.

See the blockexplorer now!

requires an account

Product headline summary and blockchain transaction ID information in retraced dashboard

21st August 2020

We have added a neat info box on top of product pages to see all product details on one glance. Besides, we also added the option to see the blockchain transaction ID. In the next days, we will add a link to the ID to be able to see the exact details of the transaction and what has happened.

Product headline summary and blockchain transaction ID information in retraced dashboard
facility process selection with a new field being added on the fly

18th August 2020

Facility process for companies are extended to be able to store any arbitray tag for the facility process. The custom tags are also searchable in the list overview of all companies and will allow you to more precisely describe facility processes in case they are not covered by the premade list.
If a newly created tag will be used by more than one party, we will consider it adding it to the premade list in the future.

the session expiriation screen

17th August 2020

We have improved the feature of staying logged in way longer. It used to be just one day. The request has been reviewed and approved after a long discussion with important stakeholders and our customer base. From now on, users can stay logged in for up to one year.

the session expiriation screen
the supply chain overview dashboard showing indicators for missing information on companies or connection level

14th August 2020

The supply chain overview has been enhanced with indicators making your life easier tracing any kind of order or document status over your supply chain. The indicators are shown once you focus on an order, supply chain or product. An indicator on company level indicates missing information or documents for the company. On the connection level, the indicator lets you know that order proofs are yet to be uploaded.

Screenshot of the dashboard showing the audits page and an example audit line with corrective action plan and audit file

13th August 2020

Audit have been added to our system. With great joy, everyone has looked forward to be able to attach audits to any company. The structure comprises typically auit fields, the next audit planned date and the audit report as well as the corrective action plan. The next planned audit date helps to automatically get informed when an audit gets due soon (1 month). A list overview will also show all those information for all your audits condensed. Especially with a handy inline view of the corrective action plan and audit file!

See the audit feature now!

requires an account

Screenshot of the dashboard showing the audits page and an example audit line with corrective action plan and audit file
retraced Intercom chat widget on the retraced dashboard page

11th August 2020

It is becoming easier than ever to get help on the fly from us with the chat widget on every page! The chat allows you to search our support pages on the fly as well as get in touch with our team. Our usual response time in core working ours CET timezone is 5 minutes. So, help at your fingertips!

Shopify App Store page of the retraced public app

7th August 2020

We have been approved as public app in the Shopify App Store! This is fantastic news, since this eases installation process dramatically for anyone as no special request is required to get started from beginning of mapping to the full end of the transparency journey to disclosure.

See the Shopify App Store Page
Shopify App Store page of the retraced public app
laptop and mobile view for the journey of a product

3rd August 2020

We are introducing a better understanding of which emails have been send automatically through our system. The start is the communication over claims and requests for help. Once you request help from the claim owner company, an email is send out to the subscribed users of that company. We will store this information so that you and your coworkers in your company can actually see that communication later on.
We will soon provide a page to be able to track all email communication which happened through our system.

retraced dashboard supply chain overview with order state indicators

28th July 2020

The webshop widget is now available in multiple languages! We detect the browser language of the visitor and will translate the widget into the users requested browser language. We have now support for english, german, french and spanish.
The translation will for now affect the actual webshop widget inside of the webshop and not the overlay starting afterwards.
If you have a browser in either french, german or spanish, you can go to the page below and see the widget localized for you!

See Shopify Example Store
retraced dashboard supply chain overview with order state indicators
laptop and mobile view for the journey of a product

20th July 2020

The map has be overhauled to better fit each desktop and mobile device. The mobile state was in place, but with feedback included we enhanced the desktop view to also show the product story on first glance. The badge tab is in the same style reworked. And the badges are now shown more closely to the style of the webshop. This helps customers to reidentify the badge again.

Fancy a product journey? Grab one here:

Show me a random product journey
retraced dashboard showing the next actions for you when you enter the platform

14th July 2020

The dashboard is your new home. We listened to your feedback and adjusted the dashboard to be able to see the next actions you have to do to make the most out of the system.
Besides, we overhauled the analytics to include the impression count and all data in a very efficient storage manner. The source for out knowledge were the Oracle Global Leaders summit, where our CTO Peter Merkert presented our architecture (c.f. webinars).
Subsequently, a list of all major new features:

  • Dashboard now with soon expiring certificate, companies without users and least certified products
  • Dashboard also provide on one glance a chart of the most claimed certificates in your supply chains
  • All commonly recently changed assets are now listed as well on the dashboard
  • Analytics tracking now done with a pixel method, which solves technical compatibility issues
  • Webshop analytics provides a deep insight into the conversion rate of your store with our widget (and without!)

retraced dashboard showing the next actions for you when you enter the platform
three phone screenshots showing writing of NFC tags on iOS on order lines through the retraced Business app

10th July 2020

We made massive improvements to our business app, which does now support writing NFC tags on iOS. Thus, we are basically operating system agnostic when it comes to work with our application whereever you need them. We support Android and iOS and they have both exactly the same feature set nowadays. The business app serves for the moment primarily for tagging products on order lines, to allow adding a sweet handtag to your product, sharing the word about them being retraced.
The screen depict the writing functionality on iOS. The same function was always available on Android and was just introduced with iOS version 13. Making all iPhone back to version 7 capable of writing NFC chips.

user interface of the companies overview showing a list with companies and the option to delete or unlink those

7th July 2020

This release covers some neat functionality about removing/forgetting known companies. You can now remove any company you know. This will not affect any of your supply chains or products. The main purpose is to remove the company from your active collaboration list. A typical example might be a supplier you used to work with last year, but is no longer existing. The company information persists, but it does not make sense to have the company selectable as supplier any more.
And the best part of it? The company will still exist and can be reused once you need it again!

  • You can forget/delete/unlink companies, you have in your company list
  • You can see and manage all your supply chains: Create and edit, delete (if on no product)
  • See your current month to date billing charges
  • The online map will show an extensive product journey now
  • We in troduce a new email style over time

user interface of the companies overview showing a list with companies and the option to delete or unlink those
email describing the request for information about a claim

2nd July 2020

The email notifications have been overhauled. We are currently working on a better email template, which will take over the current plain style. So long, we added the often requested option to automatically request information from the company owning a claim. If there is company B the brand and M the manufacturer, most likely B knows that M holds certificates, but actually M has the original. In this instance, B would start to put the document into place and with one click B can request more information from M. M will receive an email with all the information required to understand what is necessary and a link to submit the required information.
Have a look at the example email.

Feature Request

You are missing the one feature to perfectionise your workflows and to make the work even smoother for you? We are more than happy to shape our solution with you to make it even better! Let us know the feature you would like to see and we will schedule it into our roadmap.

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