Create a Competitive Advantage with
Trust and Transparency

Create a Competitive Advantage with Trust and Transparency

brand interface for creating a product supply chain in retraced

Supply Chain Tracing Tool

The first step in managing your sustainability is mapping it. Our easy-to-use business app allows your brand to draw all their supply chains, name all relevant participants, and trace your products.
With retraced’s advanced blockchain solution, our team can efficiently collect detailed supply chain data - even down to the origin of the product’s raw materials.

brand interface for creating a product supply chain in retraced
user interface web application showing supply chain tracing overview

Supply Chain Overview

Monitor the social and environmental efforts present in your value chain.
Retraced provides a comprehensive overview of the supply chain enabling your team stay up-to-date with real-time updates on order statuses and supplier certification proofs.

retraced ecommerce transparency widget and plugin

Communication Platform

Share the supply chain journey with your consumers at the Point-of-Sale via our transparency communication platform, including our online plugin and smartphone app.
Our convenient ecommerce plugin allows interested shoppers to learn all about the product’s journey and various insights behind how the product was made

retraced ecommerce transparency widget and plugin
Mac computer screen with retraced brand dashboard with insights on a fashion brand's tracing analytics

Marketing Analytics Dashboard

The simple & powerful visual guide collects and displays market interaction stats for your brand's retraced products.
This allows your company’s decision-makers to get key insights on how consumers interact with your supply chain transparency efforts.


Convenient Business App

Complete, mobile based, easy-to-use order management solution for every company, all-around the world.

Blockchain Data Security

The foundation of our tracing solution. All supply chain, certificates & materials data stored on tamper-proof blockchain cloud.


We employ automated protocols that sync & integrate various existing systems, making our traceability solution easy-to-scale.

Supply Chain Support

Customized presentations, tutorials & materials to make the transparency onboarding friction-free for your supply chain partners.

Seamless Introduction

Get your products created and supply chains mapped in minutes, with our i introductory tutorials, and interactive help & support directory.

Technology for Transparency & Trust

In order to tell the stories and impact behind our everyday products, we believe it’s vital to champion the values of reliability, relevancy, and usability. As a result, we utilize the latest digital tools and technologies available to help you unlock your value chain.

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