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Reliable, Consumer-Conscious Solution to
Create a Competitive Business Advantage

Retraced offers Transparency as a Service, allowing for fashion brands to gain strategic supply chain insights while sharing their story with consumers

End-Consumer Mobile Application

retraced displays all collected supply chain information in its front-end mobile application to the end-consumer in an interactive, interesting and meaningful way
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brand app

Brand Web Application

Retraced empowers management’s decision making by providing up-to-date supply chain information and enables brands to edit mapped supply chains and displayed brand content in the end-consumer application.

Supplier Mobile Application

Retraced easy-to-use employee mobile application enables supply chain participants to track, verify, and execute processing orders with just a few clicks to keep the effort and the probability of human errors low.
supplier app

How It Works

Retraced uses Hyperledger Fabric, a permission-based blockchain, to save the supply chain data that is controlled and managed by the retraced platform and the brand platform

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