Brand trust empowered by transparency

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Create a competitive advantage with trust and brand transparency

Differentiate by connecting your supply chains with your customers through a unique shopping experience

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The sustainable footwear brand Cano saw a 19.46% conversion increase in an A/B testing on their website with the retraced transparency plugin.

Paula Segura, eCommerce & Partnerships

Differentiate with trustworthy green marketing

Now, more than ever, it's important to stand out.

The fashion market is highly competitive and trends show that your customers are getting more selective about which brands they support with their wallets

87% of customers want to support brands that care about a positive impact on planet and people. Sharing your commitment to promote more honest, and more socially responsible supply chains go a long way in creating trust.

man with a phone looking at a product journey on retraced
man with a phone looking at a product journey on retraced
Communicating Brand transparency with retraced

A marketing tool to inform your consumers and engage them with your product stories

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Insightful Product Journey

Create trust by interactively communicating the journey behind your customers' favorite fashion items.

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Transparent Brand Values

Share your committed efforts regarding social and environmental responsibility via QR Codes and your product page to increase customer loyalty.

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Increased Conversion Rate

Empower your decision-makers with insights on your strategy, and drive conversions around your transparency.

Why our clients use retraced

Boyish founder and creative director Jordan Nodarse

Incorporating retraced's technology into our website will provide those key details and will arm our customers with even more information about the purchase decision they have made.

Jordan Nodarse, Founder / Creative Director

Boyish Jeans (USA)

Sustainable women's denim brand with a commitment to leaving as little impact on the earth as possible.

Boyish founder and creative director Jordan Nodarse

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Transparency - A/B test proves it impacts buying behavior

In an A/B test, retraced evaluated the impact of its transparency of 15.000 visitors. The test indicates a conversion uplift of 19.5% when the transparency widget is shown.

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