Create a Competitive Advantage with Trust and Transparency

Retraced offers fashions brands the opportunity to gain strategic supply chain insights while sharing their story with consumers.

Supply Chain
Tracing Tool

With retraced’s advanced blockchain tracing system, brands are able to efficiently collect as much supply chain data as possible - even down to the origin of the product’s raw materials.

This information can be mapped digitally, helping provide supply chain visibility and oversight for management.

Automated Impact

Reliable supply chain transparency means that brands can verify collected data on the materials used in producing their products, the working conditions involved, as well as the implications for the environment.

Retraced offers a collection of automatically generated insights to help brands monitor, maintain and promote the sustainability and fairness values that they care about.

Communication Platform

With the help of the mobile app, end-consumers can scan their product of interest to get information on the product’s origin, it’s raw materials, as well as sustainability and fairness KPIs

This innovative touch-point allows brands to connect their products and production standards to their customers, before and after purchase.

Brand Dashboard

Simple & powerful visual guide to not only create transparent supply chain maps, but to also to capture and display market interaction analytics of your retraced products.


Simple Business App

Complete, mobile based, easy-to-use solution for every company, all-around the world.

Blockchain Data Security

The foundation of our solution. All supply chain, certificates & materials data stored on tamper-proof blockchain cloud.


We employ automated protocols that sync & integrate various existing systems, making our traceability solution easy-to-scale.

Supply Chain Support

Customized presentations & materials to craft compelling arguments to help encourage supply chain partners become more transparent

Onsite Integration

We offer on-premise hackathons and trainings for brands in order to plan a smooth path towards innovative supply chain transparency.

Key Benefits

Differentiation with New Consumer Touchpoint

With the track and trace feature and deep product insights, Retraced brings a unique shopping experience at the point-of-sale and the after-sale.

Customer Loyalty and Retention

Supply chain transparency helps building consumer trust and thereby increases customer retention and life time value.

Sharing of Brand Values and Commitments

Retraced allows brands to highlight craftsmanship and showcase their efforts regarding sustainability and fairness.

Improved Supply Chain Communication

Streamlines communication channels in the supply chain and feedback with suppliers, meaning higher operational efficiency.

Blockchain-Powered Operational Efficiency

Real-time tracking, verification, and analysis via advance cloud storage saves time & money.

Eco-Conscious & Digital Brand Enhancements

Transparency via blockchain signals that your brand is committed to take on society’s current and future challenges with the help of new digital solutions.

Transparent Technology

Reliability. Relevancy. Usability.

In order to tell the stories and impact behind our products, we believe it’s vital to champion these values. As a result, we utilize the latest digital tools and technologies to unlock your value chain.

We work hard to ensure that the data collected, and efforts presented are accurate, trustworthy, and meaningful to customers, brands, and the wider transparency community.

Solution Highlights

Accessible, Innovative Platform Solution to
Provide Greater Transparency and Trust.


All data collected and securely stored in the Hyperledger Fabric - a permission-based blockchain - is approved by the verified participants along the value chain. This makes it the ideal data system to track and trace products.

Smart Labels

All products are equipped with either uniquely created QR codes or NFC tags. These smart labels can be scanned with the end consumer app to retrieve deep product insights and valuable manufacturing information.

Big Data Intelligence

Our analytics engine combines supply chain info with peer-reviewed & community-vetted datasets on certifications and materials. This enables real-time insights and helps to verify sustainability and ethics claims linked to a product.

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