Efficient supply chain management empowered by transparency

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Your platform to conquer the supply chain complexities of today and tomorrow.

Monitor the sustainability standards in supply chains, get real-time updates, know your risks and keep stakeholders accountable.

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Get deeper in your supply chain with multi-tier accessibility all in one platform.

Change the game.

Manage fashion supply chains, together

Supply chains are highly complex. Stakeholders are scattered and are not always connected digitally. For the procurement team, it's vital that you can identify, trace, and connect to your key vendors so that you can get information when you need it. This data can help you keep track of current order statuses, mitigate against future risks. and open up a pathway for your network to manage your sustainable supply chains, together.

picture of the globe with multiple connecting points
picture of the globe with multiple connecting points
Empowering procurement with retraced

The perfect supply chain overview to help trace, inform and act.

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Multi-tier overview

Actionable visibility is a game-changer. Get a deeper, interactive multi-tier overview of your supply chain, past tier 1 and tier 2.

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Product & material tracing

Stay informed with updates on order statuses from connected supply chain partners - all integrated in one platform.

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Powerful risk insights

Make the most of your shared insights with our supplier risk management tool so that you can better understand and take action on problem areas.

Why our clients use retraced

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We believe transparency is the first step to transform the industry. We must join forces with suppliers and consumers to achieve more – and retraced is the right tool to bridge the two forces.

Marian von Rappard, Owner

DAWN DENIM (Germany/Vietnam)

Fair fashion brand that produces their clothes in highest scored Fair Wear Factory in the world.

DAWN DENIM employee Marian standing with hands in pockets and white t-shirt looking to the right

Want to Learn More About Transparency for Supply Chains?

narrow key hole view of supply boxes in a warehouse

Power of Transparency - Supply Chain Management Perspective

Over the last decades, global fashion supply chains were created with the major objective of cutting costs in order to remain price competitive in the market. As a result, most supply chains were moved away from the countries, where the fashion was actually consumed, to so-called low-cost countries. Supported by faster and more efficient means of transportation…

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A hand reaching for something as symbol for society calling for just supply chains.

Do we even need supply chain laws

Various incidents have shown that companies do not take responsibility for their global supply chains. Laws obeying them to do so seems the logical solution. So, why are we still discussing it?

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COVID-19: Sparking Action for Fashion's Workers and Future

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose challenges for the fashion industry, stakeholders are stepping up in support of workers.

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