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Reliable, Consumer-Conscious Solution to
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Retraced offers Transparency as a Service, allowing for fashion brands to gain strategic supply chain insights while sharing their story with consumers



The retraced software is build on hyperledger fabric - a permission based blockchain that allows to securely store information. All data stored in the blockchain has to be approved by the other participants in the chain and cannot be changed thereafter. This makes it the ideal data system to track and trace products along the value chain.

NFC tags & QR codes

All products that have been traced with our system are labelled with uniquely created QR codes or NFC tags. These smart labels can be scanned with the end consumer application to retrieve deep product insights and valuable information about the products origin, manufacturing processes and materials involved.


With the help of Blockchain Technology, brands can authenticate the claims and certificates of their downstream suppliers.

This improves supplier communication, and ensures that the brand’s ethics match their consumer’s values, creating a sustainable relationship of trust and reliability.

How It Works

retraced uses Hyperledger Fabric, a permission-based blockchain, to save the supply chain data that is controlled and managed by the retraced platform and the brand platform

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