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The Netflix of retraced

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Our reason to exist!

Let us tell you our story, where the global fashion industry is now at and where we see it in the future with the help of our tool.

Responsible Sourcing with retraced

From ground zero on how to become transparent and show your sustainability effort. This webinar has it all!

retraced Explained in 90 seconds

It can basically not be more simple! Check out the video below to see retraced's positive impact for CANO.

Oracle Open World Conference Interview

Ronald Van Loon interviews Tai Ford who is sharing the journey from tracing to end consumer communication for fashion brands.

Panel by BOSSA about Sustainability and Transparency

BOSSA presents this panel discussion "What is the connection between Sustainability and Transparency?". Including Bossa,Boyish, ENDRIMEĀ® and us.

Transparency in Supply Chains - GET CHANGED!

A german webinar in collaboration with GET CHANGED! (BSD Consulting) about transparency in supply chains and how easy this is archivable with retraced

Digital Reboot Talks by Emilia Hoekstra Burlita

How technology can help fashion brands build more transparent and sustainable business - Lukas Puender explains how easy it can be!

The Tech Corner

Building a blockchain based supply chain transparency solution is not a piece of cake. But, it must be useable like a piece of cake. In the webinars we explain how we build our solution and why this it is a no-brainer to onboard today. It is not only build for show sustainability, but is also build itself in a technical sustainable way.

Women In Technology - PowerToFly

The women of PowerToFly and WomenInTech New York / New Jersey are excited to host a webinar with Nefeli Lygourioti sharing her experience as Full Stack developer.

power to fly seminar with Nefeli Lygourioti explaning women in tech how retraced shapes the world

The power of JSON + SQL with Microservices

Oracle Autonomous Database has not only SQL power, but is fuled with JSON capabilities shaping it towards a single all purposes (converged) database to build top notch products.

Why we go Autonomous

In the fast paced world, building solid architectural solution, require a lot of infrastructural elements. In this video we explain why we chose to go Autonomous with our cloud infrastruture.

How we scale to Infinity

Very early on, we realised that having a lot of stakeholder on board, produces a lot of traffic on the platform. Here, we explain how our architecture scales and why this is important.

Microservices with Autonomous Database

Microservice architectures are the key to making scalable and easily extendable software architectures nowadays. Get to know more about microservices and why our architecxture scales to well.

The Benefits of Autonomous

The common question is: Cloud or on-premise? But the question must be extended to: Cloud, on-premise - and in either case autonomous or not? We explain why autonomous is the no-brainer!

Seeing is believing.
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