Start Your Transparency Journey.

We believe in a world were all stakeholders – brands, manufactures, suppliers, consumers – can play a part in creating more honest, and socially responsible supply chains. The journey starts here.

the retraced platform available on all devices for all supply chain partners

No More Emails. No More Excel. Finally efficiency!

Say goodbye to tedious inbox searches and excel spreadsheet roulette. Use one system to efficiently manage your CSR initiatives, monitor your compliance, and get accessible overviews of your sustainability efforts.

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The Operating System for Supply Chain Compliance

We are the platform to assist fashion companies to efficiently visualize, verify and communicate their supply chains by connecting all relevant stakeholders.

retraced platform connectivity of all supply chain partners to improve and ease sustainability management

Why Use Retraced?

Key benefits for fashion companies...


Integrated connection & communication with your supply chain partners

Real-Time Overview

Interactive, real-time overview of all supply chain activities

Manage Sustainability

Powerful tool to manage certifications and sustainability practices

...and their customers.

Shopping Experience

Unique differentiator and revenue driver through new shopping experience

Share Product Journey

Greater communication of brand’s values through storytelling

Customer Trust

Increased consumer trust and loyalty through transparency

faster risk analysis at any depth of your supply chain

less emails and confusing spreadsheets

faster execution of audit corrective action plans

Simplify and scale your sustainable supply chains.

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Brands We Work with

DAWN Denim
Jyoti FairWorks
erlich textil
Funktion Schnitt,
CANO Mexico


brands guided on the transparency journey


suppliers and manufacturers in the system


certifications stored

Why Brands Use retraced

Boyish founder and creative director Jordan Nodarse


Sustainable women's denim brand with a commitment to leaving as little impact on the earth as possible.

Jordan Nodarse, Founder / Creative Director

“Incorporating retraced's technology into our website will provide those key details and will arm our customers with even more information about the purchase decision they have made.”

ARMEDANGLES employee Lavinia Muth standing with crossed arms in front of a mirror in a fashion store


Fair-fashion market innovator specializes in contemporary apparel & accessories

Lavinia Muth, Corporate Responsibility Manager

“Cooperating with RETRACED and not only showing off transparency, but also real-time traceability of single products will be a gamechanger.”

ARMEDANGLES employee Lavinia Muth standing with crossed arms in front of a mirror in a fashion store
DAWN DENIM employee Marian standing with hands in pockets and white t-shirt looking to the right

DAWN DENIM (Germany/Vietnam)

Fair fashion brand that produces in the highest scored Fair Wear Factory in the world.

Marian von Rappard, Owner

“We believe transparency is the first step to transform the industry. We must join forces with suppliers and consumers to achieve more – and retraced is the right tool to bridge the two forces.”

We Reconnect Consumers to Brands

Connect your sustainable practices with the values your customers care about. With retraced, sharing a brand's story and product insights only takes a click or a scan. We work with Oracle's robust technical infrastructure to make transparency easy and simple - yet unique for each of your products.

Check out the video to see retraced's positive impact for CANO.

Why Fashion Companies Require A Solution

Events such as the 2013 Rana Plaza tragedy, and the COVID-19 global pandemic further highlight the lack of transparency, responsibilities, and unchecked production processes.

High Supply Chain Complexity

Supply chains are not only spanning the globe and understanding subcontracting and certifications is not an easy undergoing.

Lack of Responsibility

Since there is no common ground truth, information is outdated by the time it is put down. Excel sheets are distributed and unorganized..

Mistrust Between all Stakeholders

Improved relationships and a trust in an mistrusted system - especially the beautify of blockchain enables this!

Capture insights to enable better collaboration with your supply chain stakeholders.

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user interface web application showing supply chain tracing overview

Trace Your Supply Chain.

We help fashion brands to build consumer trust by offering an innovative tool to transparently collect, trace, and analyze supply chain data, and then communicate your sustainability efforts.

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user interface web application showing supply chain tracing overview
user interface in retraced consumer application showing traced fashion supply chain with locations of all production processes on map

Bring Transparency to You and Your Customers

The retraced platform allows to share the transparency with your stakeholder. If you are a brand, you can share your produt story with the end consumers. If you are a manufacturere, you can share your proven supply chains to brands. And if you are supplier, you can share your profile with your supply chain partners.

See Widget in action
user interface in retraced consumer application showing traced fashion supply chain with locations of all production processes on map

Works with Any Existing Software

Following the public standards in authentication and authorization, we can connect any system with us. Either, you send us activly data directly to our API, or we collect information from your system. Get in touch to understand the benefit and opportunities.

user interface in retraced consumer application showing traced fashion supply chain with locations of all production processes on map

As Seen in…

Wirtschafts Woche Gruender
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Let's get started with retraced.

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