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The Global Fashion Industry is Cloaked in Mistrust and Uncertainty

Little is known about how our favorite clothing items are made, under what labor conditions, which raw materials are used, and how the process is affecting our planet.
Events such as the 2013 Rana Plaza tragedy, and the COVID-19 global pandemic further highlight the lack of transparency, responsibilities, and unchecked production processes.

We want to change that! We envision a world where customers can make informed purchasing decisions, and promote a fairer, more honest and more socially responsible fashion industry.

user interface in retraced consumer application showing traced fashion supply chain with locations of all production processes on map

Bring Transparency to You and Your Customers

We are a blockchain-powered transparency platform that allows fashion brands to unlock relevant supply chain information and share their verified sustainability and ethical efforts with consumers.

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user interface in retraced consumer application showing traced fashion supply chain with locations of all production processes on map
user interface web application showing supply chain tracing overview

Trace Your Supply Chain. Communicate Your Sustainability.

We help fashion brands to build consumer trust by offering an innovative tool to transparently collect, trace, and analyze supply chain data, and then communicate your sustainability efforts.

Key Benefits

Powerful tool to manage sustainability efforts & proofs

Unique differentiator & revenue driver through new shopping experience

Increased consumer trust & loyalty through transparency

We Reconnect Consumers to Brands

Connect your sustainable practices with the values your customers care about. With retraced, sharing a brand's story and product insights only takes a click or a scan. We work with [Oracle]('s robust technical infrastructure to make transparency easy and simple - yet unique for each of your products.

Check out the video below to see retraced's positive impact for CANO:

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Our Mission

We want to become the standard for transparency in the fashion industry.
We believe that there should be no reason why stakeholders don't come together to make their supply chains more honest and sustainable. That's why we enable brands to start tracing for free!

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